Second Language Proficiency Test

TPLS Subscription Process

Request an account

Institutions in the Québec college network

The TPLS is offered free of charge to all institutions in the Québec college network. A person designated by the requesting institution must send the request to open an account by email to : tpls at ccdmd dot qc dot ca indicating :

• Name of the institution;

• Last name, first name, of the account manager;

• Email address of the account manager (email address provided by the institution).

The account manager is the representative for the institution and is responsible for managing the TPLS subscription. The manager creates testing groups and registers respondents, establishes the testing calendar, and exports data as needed.

The manager is the person the CCDMD administrator will contact with any information related to the platform (such as system updates or issues).

Non-network users

Please contact the CCDMD by email at or by phone at 514 873-2200 for more information on pricing. Test administrations are billed to out-of-network subscribers on a regular basis (pay-per-use charges)

Anyone wishing to use the test for commercial purposes must enter into a specific agreement with the Collegial Centre for Educational Materials Development (CCDMD). If you have any questions about the subscription or the TPLS, please contact the CCDMD by email at tpls at ccdmd dot qc dot ca or by telephone at 514-873-2200.